My work is all about showcasing my creative process by focusing on texture and emotions while embodying the spontaneity of experimenting. My creative process consists of playing with different medium(s), trusting in the process and seeing how the art turns out. While I quickly mastered my skill with chalk pastels through photorealism, I’ve focused more on working with acrylic paint and printmaking ink all the while keeping an open hand for other mediums when needed. No matter the concept, I try to utilize whichever medium(s) work best to convey the meaning behind the piece(s).

The ideas I try to convey with my work have an emphasis of connection, personal and universal, focusing on the feelings of the emotions behind the piece, no matter the emotion. Even when the work is focused on a deeper subject such as depression, I’m able to express what it feels like and show others that they’re not alone. The excitement I get when playing with mediums and textures is usually experienced by the viewer due to the amazement and curiosity of how the piece comes together. While my work tends to venture on the side of abstract, I find that my work is diverse when it comes to style; blending different elements through exploring how to bring an image come to life.

When it comes to inspirations, I can’t pinpoint any specific inspiration(s) I derive my work from other than those who invoke emotions and the creative process that I come across. I am motivated by feedback from school colleagues, Olivia Kincaid, Jacob Massey, and others along with the mentors I’ve worked with since focusing on studying art; Eleanor Erskine, Una Kim, and Joseph Mann. Ultimately, their encouragement and the ideas in my mind are what I would consider to be my inspiration. Exploring different mediums, technique(s), and connecting with the materials is how I’m able to be successful with my art.